Django hosting: Just django hosting

Hosting info

- 99.9% network uptime
- 15MB to 2000MB storage
- 1GB to 200GB data transfer
- Suits Personal or Business
- Linux platform Debian
- Apache + mod_python
- Host multiple domains
- Pay monthly or annually

- Django basic site sqlite3
    + admin included
- Choices of DB:
- SSH access
- Webmin interface
- Data Centers in Europe and NZ



After looking though different hosting sites that offer the python(django ) hosting, we found the installation to be difficult at times, especially for novice users.  So we decided to set up this hosting site to help django users to find the best and most convenient hosting home for their projects.

We are open to new thoughts and ideas and will try to keep the technical aspects of installing new django sites as simple as possible.

We hope that you will enjoy our service.

- django hosting team -